Athlete Briefing Information

Event Information

Please ensure you are familiar with the event information including the times for registration pack pickups, bike check-in and race/wave starts here - Race Information

When you collect your registration pack you must confirm that your pack includes the following items:

  • Race bib number

  • Timing chip and strap  (Note - you will be responsible for the replacement cost if lost)

  • Bike identification sticker (Blue)

  • Swim Cap (colour matching your wave cap colour)


 Please - Take note of the race start times and allocated start times  Race Information

Current Level 2 Health Measures

Note - current WA State Government Level 2 public health measures require some important additional social distancing measures which will be implemented over and above the standard Covid19 safety protocols that will apply.

Therefore spectators are NOT permitted to attend our event, UNLESS;

  • They are a parent/guardian of a child competing or

  • They are a member of the immediate family of a person who is participating in the event

We ask that you inform any potential spectators that may have planned to accompany you to the event who do not fall within the two above categories. We looking forward to having them back at the event in 2023!

  • Please wear a mask when in close proximity in a queue or if you are gathering around your club gazebo or in any indoors setting!

Racing Rules and Regulations

It is important that you are familiar with the Triathlon Australia "Race Competition Rules" to ensure we all contribute to a safe and fair event.  This is important information and could affect the outcome of your race.  These rules can be found on the Triathlon Australia website

In particular pay attention to the rules on drafting and athlete conduct.

 Note - It is the athletes responsibility to familiarise themselves with the race rules, race rules and course including navigation both into and exiting transition.   We recommend your familiarise yourself with this floww hen you have access to transition on race morning!

General Event Regulations

  • Decisions by the Event Director and Triathlon Australia Technical Race Officials will be final.

  • In line with our event Covid plan there will be no start briefing on the beach, athletes are to ensure they make their way to the beach 5-10minutes before your start wave. 

  • The information on this page serves as your event briefing.

Swim Leg Regulations

  • As per Triathlon Australia "Race Competition Rules"

  • Swimmers must wear the swim caps provided by the race organiser.

  • Your are required to wear proper swimming attire during the entire swimming leg.

  • No swimming fins, floatation devices, paddles, pool buoys, snorkels or any swimming aids are allowed without prior permission by the race officials.

  • While it is likely wetsuits will be permitted on the day this decision will be made accordance with TA Triathlon Australia Rules and Regulations regarding water temperature.   This will be made and announced on race morning.

  • No support or assistance is allowed during the swim leg.  Swimmers  Any receiving any assistance during the swim leg will be disqualification unless that assistance relates to medical aid or water safety assistance by the organisers and race services.  Should you need assistance during the swim please raise your arm and signal to the water the safety team who will be on IRB and water rescue boards.

  • No other marine craft, boards or swimmers are permitted in the swim course other than registered participants, water safety officials and event staff. 

Bike Leg Regulations

  • As per Triathlon Australia "Race Competition Rules"  - Please take special note of the drafting rules within - When passing a forward competitor or motorcycle, the rear competitor is allowed a maximum of 20 seconds to pass through the 10 metre draft zone.  Failure to observe this may result in a Blue Card Time penalty for drafting

  • You must wear a helmet during the entire cycling course or face immediate disqualification.

  • No headphone, airpods , earphones or similar listening devices are are permitted on the bike leg.

  • Your upper torso must be covered at all times during the bike leg. You will be disqualified if you cycle with a bare upper-torso.

  • Your helmet must be an Australian approved item and be in good functional condition.

  •  Ensure that your helmet is securely fastened before touching or removing your bike from the Transition Racks.

  • After the cycle leg and on return to your Bike Racks do not touch or remove your helmet until your bike is securely racked.  You may be disqualified if you do not rack your bike in your designated transition zone and bike rack.

  • Your race number must be clearly visible from the rear during the cycle leg at all times.

  • No support crew vehicles or external assistance is allowed during cycle leg.  Any such assistance will result in immediate disqualification except in the case of medical aid intervention or agreed assistance by the event organisers.

  •  Ensure to keep to the left side of the road at all times and if passing do so following the Triathlon Australia safety and drafting guidelines.  In particular be aware of your race line when turning during a lap end or through a roundabout.  Be sure to keep as far left as safely possible so that faster riders are not impeded.

  • Always check for bike traffic coming from behind before passing.

  • While the roads are closed the public are not prevented from their residence for important reasons.  Therefore be mindful to monitor and observe traffic rules at all times and any directives from traffic controllers or race officials during the event. 

  • Participants are asked not to spit, blow their nose, or expend bodily fluids whilst on course.

Run Leg Regulations

  • As per Triathlon Australia "Race Competition Rules"

  • Race numbers must clearly visible from the front at all times.  This is ideally done by using a triathlon 'race belt' or pinning the numbers to your singlet or tri-suit.

  • No headphone, airpods , earphones or similar listening devices are are permitted on the run leg.

  • Your upper torso must be covered at all times during the run leg. You will be disqualified if you run with a bare upper-torso.

  • No support crew vehicles or external assistance is allowed during run leg.

  • To aligned to our Covid-19 event strategy, please refrain from hugging, kissing or shaking hands during or after the run leg.

  • Participants are asked not to spit, blow their nose, or expend bodily fluids whilst on course.

  • After completion of the run leg please remove your own timing chip and band and place it in the retrieval bin provided!  The timing chips are not disposable - should you not return your timing chip/band at the finish or to XTR Multisports you will be charged $100 for the timing chip and $5 for the band.

Teams Information

  • Teams compete in relay handover format with athletes doing 1 or 2 legs, being teams of 2 or 3.

  • Team embers must tag and pass the race timing chip/strap over within transition - familiarise yourself with the Teams holding area on race morning.  Meet your team member in the holding area and move carefully to your racked position together for handover.

  • Be sure that your timing chip/strap is secure after swapping to the next team member.

  • the team member taking over should then exit transition carefully after handover.

  • The team member having completed their leg should exit transition near the recovery area carefully.

  • The finishing team member should collect the additional finishing members for their team after crossing the finish line!


You may be disqualified for the following reason(s): 

  • For not following and abiding by the Triathlon Australia "Race Competition Rules".

  • Refusing to follow and abide by the race rules and regulations and /or instructions given by the Event Director and/or TA Race Officials including any directive by the event Covid Safety Marshal or medical team.

  • For littering or discarding items outside of the discard zones on the run course, on the bike course or around the race finish and transition area.

  • The consumption of alcohol, stimulants or any prohibited drug before, during or after the event at the race start/finish and transition zone.


Race Withdrawl

  •  Should any participant withdraw during the race it is important the report this to the Race Officials and return their timing chip to the registration desk.  It is important to return the timing chip as they are not disposable and costly to replace.  Should you not return your timing chip/band at the finish or to XTR Multisports you will be charged $100 for the timing chip and $5 for the band.

Medical Assistance


Triathlon is a physically demanding sport, therefore, if you are unsure of your physical health condition, please seek medical advice from a medical professional before you start the race. 

Covid Safety Plan considerations

If you are feeling unwell please do not enter the event area.

  • Please visit your GP for assessment.”

  • Please be sure to observe and safe distancing protocols at this event.

  • We encourage all event attendees to utilise the hand sanitisation facilities available at the event.


  • Participants must ensure they are physically prepared, well-rested and well-hydrated for race day.  Should you feel unwell during the race, stop and seek immediate medical attention from the on-site medical team at the finishing area. 

  • TA Race Officials, the organiser, Covid Safety Marshal and/or Medical team have the right to remove a competitor from continuing the race for their own safety benefit.

  • Medical assistance will be available at the finish area. Please ask for medical help if you have even the slightest hint you may need it. Please note - if you are transported by ambulance you could be required to meet costs involved unless you are covered by an appropriate fund. Any aid given by race medical personnel is permissible and will not lead to disqualification. However, if you receive any outside assistance you will be disqualified.

  • You will not be penalised for receiving medical evaluation on the Course. You will be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation, IV fluids, or if medical personnel consider your continued participation presents a danger to the health or the welfare of you or others. Our medical team will have access to information you provided upon entering regarding any specific medical conditions.

Race Day Transition Access:

Transition access on race day will be open from 5:45am on race day and will close at 7:00am sharp.  You must be out of transition by 7:00!   Please ensure that before entering transition you will require your timing chip on (your left ankle) race number, bike identification number and helmet to gain entry to transition.  Helmets should be placed on your head and buckled up for a visual safety inspection.

Note - for 2022 no body markings will be applied so it is important to have your timing chip on at all times until after the event and race number visible during the bike (from the rear) and run leg (from the front). 

Course Summary:

Please take note of the course points below:

  • The course maps will be available at the registration area and can be viewed here (note - at the bottom of the page you can download the full course map)  - course maps

 Swim Course Summary

  • Standard distance (1500m) 2 x 750m lap for  - you must exit after lap 1 and and cross the timing mat before entering the water for your 2nd swim lap or risk disqualification

  • Sprint 1 x 750m lap

  • Novice & Junior Bolt 1 x 250m short lap

  • Open Water Swim 1500m - 2 x lap of 750m - you must exit after lap 1 and and cross the timing mat before entering the water for your 2nd swim lap or risk disqualification - finish after crossing the timing mat after your 2nd lap and collect your medal at the registration desk and hand in your timing chip.  You do not need to walk or run to the finish line for you finish time to register.


Bike Course Summary

  • Please be extremely cautious:

    • navigating the roundabouts on course.  They are fast but still present a risk if taken at speed, please be cautious!  Always keep to the left and use the cycling slip lane if you can.

    • when passing and always check behind you for oncoming bikes that may be passing at speed.

    • when passing the race precinct opposite the transition and Dome cafe - this area has some speed bumps with public spectators and is a designated "no passing zone"!

    • when passing the mount zone out of T1 - this has been narrowed and is a designated "no passing zone" to enable athletes starting their bike leg to have sufficient room to do so!  Please be extra diligent at this point.

  • Race day could present some wet weather.  If this is the case exercise extreme care on the bike course as if the roads have been dry for some weeks and will be slippery - do not underestimate this risk!!

  • Lap Descriptionafter exiting transition you immediately head North along Oceanside Promenade, turn left into Ocean Reef Road until you reach the Northern bike turn just before Shenton Avenue.  You will then return Southbound along the same route.  Once you reach the Mullaloo beach and restaurant precinct opposite the Dome restaurant and Transition area you will head South on Northshore Drive and then Whitfords Avenue until you reach Whitfords Nodes.  Just before the entrance to Whitfords Nodes you will be required to perform a U-turn and return to Mullaloo Beach for your additional laps as required to complete your race distance.  As you approach the Southern turn near Transition at Mullaloo - keep left if you will be entering Transition (T2) or right if you will be continuing for an additional lap.  To enter the transition area after your designated laps you will need to turn Left into the parking slip road as if you were accessing the Mullaloo Surf Club.  Tis is immediately after the roundabout at Mullaloo Drive and Oceanside Promenade.  If you miss the turn you will not be allowed to enter transition at the next turn but will need to turn safely at the next roundabout after indicating you are turning and return to the transition access point.

  • Note - a timing point will note the number of laps completed for each athlete.  Should you not complete the allocated laps required for your race distance your result will initially be placed in a 'Query' status and then following results verification placed as a 'Disqualified' result or DQ as termed.

Required Bike Laps

  • Bolt - 1 x 3/4 lap 

  • Sprint and Duathlon - 1 x 1/2 lap and 1 x full lap

  • Standard & Aquabike - 3 x laps


Run Course Summary

  • Bolt - 1 x 2km lap out and back

  • Duathlon:

    • First Run Leg - 2km initial lap out and back.  The start is on the shared path opposite T1 entry. 

    • Second Run Leg - After exiting T2 then 1 x 5km lap out and back

  • Sprint - 1 x 5km lap out and back

  • Standard - 2 x 5km laps out and back